Expired Listing Advice

We turn your Expired listing into an INSPIRED listing


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If you are like many East Bay area homeowners whose home was on the market for sale and didn’t sell, you may be wondering how your home did not sell in an area that is supposed to have such a hot housing market. You are probably frustrated, tired, and are now considering not even selling your home. If you were serious about selling your home, don’t give up just yet. We may be able to help you achieve your goal of getting your home sold.

The Scott Fuller Team specializes in listing and selling homes that other agents, for whatever reason, were not able to sell. In our experience in selling East Bay real estate, a home usually doesn’t sell for one or more of three reasons:

  1. The home does not show well or was not prepared for sale
  2. The home is not priced correctly, or priced too high compared to fair market value
  3. The agent did not do a good job marketing the home

When we ask sellers why their home didn’t sell, usually they feel that response #3 is most likely. The agent simply did not market it correctly. As real estate agents, we have more control over the marketing of the home than of any other process within the sale. It is our 100% responsibility and ownership. If your previous real estate agent didn’t take ownership of this, your home likely didn’t get the exposure it needed to yield you the highest offer price.

When it comes to selling your home, our goal is simple: to use the latest in imagery, technology and marketing to sell your home for the highest price in the shortest amount of time. Our approach to marketing your home is innovative, smart, and impactful.

Contact us for a brief consultation to see how we market homes differently than the average agent, and get them SOLD! This can help turn your expired listing into an INSPIRED listing!